GFGL FIT BLOG: Flexible Running Schedule

I switched my long run day again this week from Sunday to Monday solely so I could go on a wintery adventure with my brother while there is still snow on the ground. I still very much plan on (and am very excited about) running my scheduled nine miles tomorrow and continuing all my runs the rest of the week. I think flexibility is a necessity when you have such a mapped out program and snowboarding is kind of the ying to my running’s yang (or something very zen like that). Plus, doing something a little different now and then can help keep things interesting, especially when runs are getting long and February seems to drag on forever.

I’m also hoping to be able to do a warrior dash at the same ski hill this summer so maybe I can pretend it was recognizance work. The idea of running up a ski hill is nauseating and exciting in the best way.

Also, in the interest of staying in a fitness type of mood, we took a trip to the magical REI store in the Twin Cities. If you don’t know, REI is a very fun place to go for fitness/outdoor gear, but is also kind of evil for how much they make me think I should start rock climbing and going on very expensive camping trips. They also always seem to be in ultra hip buildings and have Starbucks conveniently located to get me into a shopping buzz.

Tax returns are in which means I get new shoes this week!

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