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I had a little bit of a backlash from my long run Sunday. I think with all the excitement of being outside and the intoxicating smell of the sunshine and a looming Super Bowl I may have overdone it. I had some seriously sore quads Monday. In the name of being a responsible athlete, I skipped over spin class Monday night (but still did yoga class in the morning cause it’s the “good” class for the week) I have a friend who is big into aroma therapy as of late so I thought I’d take a cue from her and try out something a little different from the usually icy/hot and whining I would normally do in this situation.

My previous experience with peppermint oil I was advised to rub it on my belly to soothe an upset stomach. The result was a weird cold-on-the-inside kind of feeling. I did some research and found peppermint oil is like nature’s icy/hot (or icy/hot is not-nature’s peppermint oil?) A mix of the oil with some kind of base (like olive oil or baby oil) and you have a combo that is super great for sore muscles. If you try it, I would suggest not using too much peppermint since that burn-y feeling really sneaks up on you, but it definitely does the trick. Feeling much better today and did a three-mile run (fast!) with almost no discomfort. Plus I got to wake up smelling like a girl scout cookie.Yeah, nature!

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