GFGL FOOD BLOG: Can eating well really make you happier?

I’ve read time and time again in magazines and online about your diet’s affect on your mood and I know, personally, I’ve never really considered my sadness to be linked to what I put in my mouth. That was, until I started eating more healthily on a daily basis.

Obviously, your moods are not based entirely on what you’re eating, but I do believe that it plays a key role in not only your health but your happiness as well. For the past week or so, I’ve been slipping back into some not-so-healthy habits of mine, like pizza and candy. I told myself that my birthday was a legitimate excuse, and I do believe that fat-content shouldn’t count on your birthday, but I also didn’t get back into the healthy swing of things the way I said I was going to. Maybe it has been stress-related because I’ve had a lot of things going on, but enough with the excuses. My point is that over the past week or so, I’ve noticed a change in my mood and I do think that my diet changes have definitely been a contributing factor.

When I try to keep my diet clean and whole, my body adjusts and in a way thanks me for the good job I’ve been doing and not only do I feel more energized, but I feel better in general, whether it be about my reflection in the mirror or how I feel internally. I want all of you to know this because I think that little changes can really make a difference in yourself. There are way too many things in the world to make people sad and stressed, so why not try to do something nice for yourself each time you go into the kitchen. You deserve it, everyone does.

It only takes one small choice to get the ball rolling. Instead of grabbing that bag of chips for a snack, try eating some strawberries instead. Eat something fresh every day. Maybe the next time you go to reach for the bag you will remember how good you felt after you ate something better and you’ll actually want to eat the best thing for you. I know that once I get going on a health-kick usually I continue on it because I feel good. I’m more confident in my choices and myself and I want to continue to treat myself well. It’s when you fall off the bandwagon that it can get tough. One bag of chips can lead to some cookies, a too-full feeling that leads to skipped dinners, and the late night ice cream binge that you wake up feeling the remnants of the following morning. It can turn into a bad habit and the longer you continue making poor choices, the harder it can be to change. Trust me on that one.

So tomorrow is the first day for me, back in the swing of things. I know that once I begin to take better care of myself, things will get easier and I urge everyone else to do the same. Tomorrow is a new day after all.

Stay happy & healthy


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