How to Stay Hydrated

How to Stay Hydrated


Winter weather can be draining. It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s unbearable. It can even leave you thirsty. With this in mind, you won’t want fall prey to dehydration, as a recent report published in the Journal of Nutrition states that mild dehydration can affect the moods of young women.

The study from the American Society of Nutrition involved 25 women who participated in three different experiments with a different state of hydration each day. Following periods of rest and exercise, negative effects of dehydration were seen. These effects included headache symptoms, lower concentration, and a degraded mood.

According to Christina Troutner, a registered dietician with a master’s of science in nutritional science, proper hydration supports the optimal function of the human body, including regulating body temperature, controlling blood pressure and heart rate, as well as clearing wastes and toxins from the body.

Even mild dehydration has been shown to impair cognitive performance thus staying adequately hydrated is not only important for physiological function and survival,” says Troutner. “Hydration may support enhanced academic performance in school, production in the workplace, attention span, etc.”

Troutner recommends a number of ways to stay hydrated. For one, drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning. Also, keep a water bottle on hand at all times, preferably one that has not been developed with polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB). This will help you remember to keep drinking water in between meals and snacks.

Become in tune with the difference between feeling hungry and feeling thirsty. Sometimes a big glass of water will be exactly what you needed,” says Troutner.

Diana Lopez, a recent graduate of the University of California, San Diego, has utilized many of Troutner’s recommendations.

I always carry a bottle of water in the car and in my backpack. In restaurants, I always order water before anything just to have it available,” says Lopez. “I think drinking water is important because is the first step to start a healthy way of life. It helps your body to stay in balance.”

With these tips in mind, you’ll stay hydrated and be ready to take on any challenge at school or at work.

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One Comment on “How to Stay Hydrated”

  1. Kelsey Cruz
    February 9, 2012 at 2:37 am #

    Thanks for the advice! My new year’s resolution is to drink 6-8 glasses of water before I drink anything else. I feel incredible! The only problem is, I never had to go to the bathroom as much as I do now. Hah!

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