With how busy people are today, it’s no surprise that people find it hard to eat healthily and to pay attention to what it actually is that they’re stuffing in their mouth between classes or during a break at work. Sometimes the word “break” can even be a foreign concept.

Let me ask you, how many times a day do you pick up your smartphone? I’m sure you’re either disgusted by the answer or just don’t want to admit how many times you actually reach for it out of habit and for no specific reason at all. Don’t worry, I’m not going to condemn anyone for using their cell phone, trust me I use mine way more than I should, whether it be for boredom or email answering convenience. If it weren’t for college, pens and paper would be strangers to me.

There is good news in this! It’s this idea of convenience that can really drive your health to the next level. The next time you pull out your phone, try using your virtual notepad to jot down what you’ve eaten today, or download a free app that will break down the caloric values and nutrition facts for each item you add. I’ve read time and time again that when you actually write down what you’re eating, it really makes a difference, and trust me it does! You’re more aware of what you’re eating too much and too little of and whether or not you need to cut back on calories or add more for optimum health! It takes about as long as it takes to send a text message, maybe even less, so in our tech-fueled society, there is no excuse not to “write” it down.

I’m a huge fan of the myfitnesspal app ( on my iphone because it saves the foods that I eat a lot and has a huge database so they always have what I’m looking for or an extremely close alternative.

So next time you grab your phone today, take the 2.5 seconds to download an app, or just open your notes and jot in what you’ve eaten so far and keep it up each time you grab your phone throughout the day! You may be horrified by what you’ve consumed or pleased, but either way you will broaden your self-awareness and be taking the next step to a healthier version of yourself.

Stay happy & healthy


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