GFGL FIT BLOG: Winter Running Tips

Since its been hovering around 40 degrees around these parts, I’ve decided to be a grown up and take my chances running outside. I’ve also been kicked off the treadmills at the gym twice now for staying on over 40 minutes, so I’m going to have a hard time showing my face there for awhile. These are the best tips I’ve found/heard for staying comfortable and warm (not sweaty) while running outside…

1. No cotton. When cotton gets sweaty, it stays sweaty and then gets cold. I’m not down with that especially in the underwear/sock departments. Super fancy wool and moisture-wicking fabrics seem to be the best ideas.

2. Layers. Everyone says dress in layers because you can take them off, but where do you put them after that? Do you tie a jacket around your waist? Do you throw it in a bush and hope for the best? I ditched a long sleeve shirt under a bridge on a run once and forgot about it for a few days. I can’t say whatever happened to that shirt, but its memory is haunting.

3. Wind-proof jackets. These are the best thing ever invented. Nothing ruins being in the great outdoors like a good breeze. I think if I use a quality wind-stopping jacket and a moisture-wick-y type base layer and I should be good to go.

4. Hats. I am hard pressed to put on a hat as my snow-soaked hair on New Year’s Eve can attest. But since, like everyone and my mom likes to say, most of your heat is lost through your head I should probably look into it. I may invest in a crazy athletic headband just to keep looking like a cool kid.

5. Tights. I think running tights are the coolest thing in the world and some kind of weird runner’s status symbol. But that  may just be me.  And they keep you super warm and make you look buff.

Hopefully these will keep the cold at bay and open up a world where gym attendants don’t have my name written in some black-listed book. I did manage to combine treadmill times to equal out six miles today. I am also trying to keep my long distances slower so I can get used to the distance before increasing my speed. I am also sticking to all the correct days of my program this week so far so hopefully I can make that a trend!

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