GFGL FIT BLOGGER: Issues with Shoes

I just ran six miles and I kind of feel like death. I know I’m not a young whippersnapper anymore, but I’m pretty sure my lower back shouldn’t be in this much pain from running a couple of miles in my mid-twenties. I do have an old over-use injury in my hip that acts up a bit when I really start logging time, but I don’t feel like I should be to that point quite yet.

I’m going to blame my shoes… I am long overdue for a new pair, but I almost always get buyer’s remorse when I get the same ones again and again. I did get some super awesome/expensive Asics last spring, but almost had a panic attack in the parking lot for spending that much on shoes and had to return them the next day when different people were working. Buying shoes just always reminds me of back-to-school shopping in grade school. Like summers over and you have to go back to classes and here are some new shoes, but  you can’t wear them until the first day and whatever you do, don’t them all muddy. On the bright side, I love sporting goods stores and can literally spend hours wandering around and pretending I need to buy a new sleeping bag or puffy vest or energy gels or something. I think my weapon against crazy shoe shopping is going to be massive research. Maybe a few recon missions to the store with no intention of buying anything. I’m sure there are better things I can spend my time on, but I just really like going to sporting goods stores. Maybe my back pain is just all really in my head because I subconsciously want to have to buy things. These kicks aren’t even close to what I need but I want them!

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