This is a new location for my blog, so let’s catch up on older entries!

I’ve pretty much stayed on track this week for clocking in my miles. Gearing up to do 9 miles this afternoon, then jump right in the car and head out to Madison for a concert, hopefully not sleep on the floor, come back tomorrow and get in some cross training. I notice that I always sleep A LOT more when I’m doing serious exercise, but I’m sure that’s to be expected. And it’s a good excuse if you want to go to bed at 8 p.m., which I almost always want to do if not for social obligations.

I think my eating has been relatively balanced, too, except I don’t think I’m drinking as much water as I should be. I usually drink about three big Nalgene bottles a day and at least a pot of tea, but lately its been much less.  I’m sure no one else does this, but sometimes, when I’m bored at work, I play a game where I see how much water I can drink in an hour. The only time I made it the whole hour (we were really slow), I think I put down 12 pints. (Disclaimer: I’m not recommending to drink TOO much water, check with your doctor to see how much is best for you.) I’ve never gotten sick while exercising before, but I think that’s the main reason people do– chugging water when they are dehydrated.  And I’m sure that should never be anyone’s goal as it just flushes out all the good stuff in your system (right?), but I think I might revive the game in a much less intense/crazy way. I know I definitely feel much different when I’m even slightly dehydrated and I would rather have to take a bathroom break every fifteen minutes than be at risk.

So off to the gym with my bottle of water. I’ll see if I can at least make my friends stop the car for bathroom breaks a few times on the drive.

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