Natural Movement to Fight the Dread

By: Katelyn Block, Chef Katelyn blogger

We all know what it’s like. Not having enough time. Having another great excuse. Hating the gym with all your guts. Vowing to never go there again.

I get it, I’ve been there. And I have a solution. It’s called being human.

Every person in the world could tell you to go to the gym and it might not even work. I, personally, don’t like forcing myself to exercise. So, there are a few things that I have found help me to get some good movement and fresh air in my system, as well as making one a generally happier person.

Natural exercise is not the kind that you lay awake at night dreading. It is the way that people have been moving for centuries! Walking, playing, stretching, dancing; all of these things are enjoyable, and things that you don’t typically notice you are doing.

Walking to class is often a refreshing, happy thing to do. I could say the same for walking downtown with friends, or even walking all the way up the Mount to where some friends of mine live. Mainly, I walk for transportation because campus is small enough that I can walk everywhere, but big enough that it’s a hike to go all the way across.

Another favorite of mine is playing Kan Jam (yes, that frisbee game, don’t even pretend you don’t love it), going sledding, or playing a pickup game of basketball. All of these things are fun, social, and give you a nice break from the daily grind. Even doing yoga or a simple (not too strenuous) exercise tape in your apartment or bedroom is a fun way to release tension and connect with your body.

Besides walking and playing games (I am still allowed to call it that even though I am an “adult”), I am in love with yoga. Turns out, I have been ever since I could move. Being raised by a doctor and a dance // pilates // yoga teacher, health and movement came naturally to me. We used to do lots of children’s yoga videos, such as this one. Beginning in the sixth grade, I was doing yoga four to five times a week, and continued through my freshman year of high school. Around that time, I started competing in team sports, such as rowing, field hockey, track, and cross country, more seriously.

As a college student, yoga has become increasingly important to me as it is both accessible and a good “break” for my mind. In yoga, mindfulness is one of the main characteristics, encouraging you to see the love and light in your everyday life, using that in your practice to push your body further. In its truest form, yoga is when you bring your mind and body together, rather than “tuning out” the things around you.

Try to find the natural movement in your life, and make it enjoyable. Being fit doesn’t hold the same meaning for everyone; often it is as simple as enjoying time outside with friends and family.

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Katelyn Block blogs at Chef Katelyn, writing about daily shenanigans, style, delicious and nourishing food, and her love for all things beautiful while studying at Syracuse University. Join Katelyn on the web, on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Pinterest.

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