Get Fit Get Life Interview with Body Language Sportswear

Get Fit Get Life Interview with Body Language Sportswear


It’s always a challenge to find functional yet attractive workout apparel. Body Language Sportswear has accepted that challenge. The California-based line was created when it became evident that modern active women needed a fashionable exercise outfit. Body Language Sportswear has been incredibly successful and is worn by stars such as Jillian Michaels, Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria. In an interview with the company, Get Fit Get Life got the scoop on Body Language Sportswear.


Get Fit Get Life: What was the inspiration for Body Language Sportswear?

Body Language Sportswear: Belief that we could make a difference by creating unique athletic apparel that ultimately contributes to the greater good, by inspiring women to look and feel their best.

GFGL: What frustrations did you have with the activewear market for women before you developed Body Language Sportswear?

BLS: There was a lack of focus on functional and fashionable feminine athletic apparel for women.  We wanted to make active apparel that flatters the figure and lets women express themselves through our designs.

GFGL: What do you feel the modern day active woman is looking for?

BLS: The modern day active women is looking for a lifestyle line that meets her functional athletic needs without compromising feminine style. She is a busy women, who can do it all while still looking pulled together. She is a multitasker that lives in her Body Language Sportswear, making her feel sexy, successful, and strong.

GFGL: What sets Body Language Sportswear apart from the other active wear lines out there?

BLS: We are known for our fit and feminine designs. We’re a premium brand that offers low-rise bottoms, bold colors, and fashionable designs, while maintaining the functional elements that an athletic apparel demands.

GFGL: What is your current favorite piece or a customer favorite?

BLS: Our favorite styles so far are the Scrunchy Capri and Scrunchy Legging. These styles are a definite must-have for any girl’s wardrobe. You can wear them to the gym and/or to dinner with friends. We live in ours!

GFGL: What is your vision for the line?

BLS: Our vision is to create fashionable premium athletic and lifestyle apparel for women, while also building a close-knit community empowering them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

GFGL: Why do you think Body Language Sportswear has gathered such a big following?

BLS: We’ve done our best to create a community of people that inspire each other, which led to great word of mouth and that continues to build momentum. Our celebrity fans have also helped contribute to our brand awareness and we are extremely grateful for that.

GFGL: Could you please explain why you choose to use certain materials such as Lycra and SUPPLEX®? What advantages do these materials provide?

BLS: BLS prides itself on using cutting edge, quality fabrics that deliver the maximum function and athletic fit. The main fabric we use is a premium SUPPLEX®. SUPPLEX® fabrics are breathable, hold their shape, dry fast and retain their color. All fabrics we work with offer a great stretch, which allows for comfort and function when working out or lounging.

GFGL: What can we expect for the future of Body Language Sportswear?

BLS: We have a lot of exciting things happening internally that we can’t wait to delve into and share with everyone. We are going to continue to deliver inspirational products of BL that people have come to know and love and hope to surpass their expectations, as well as introduce new fabrics and designs to expand our BL lifestyle division. Within the next couple years, we hope to launch the BL men’s division as well.

Body Language Sportswear has a bright future. With plans of expanding their women’s collection and breaking into the men’s activewear field, we can expect nothing but great things. If you’re in search of a chic, yet fully functional line of workout clothes, check out Body Language Sportswear.

-Interview with Erica Franco & Nicole Garippo from Body Language Sportswear

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