Practice Yoga in Your Home


When it comes to relaxing the body, yoga is the best remedy and is used to meditate, reduce stress and improve flexibility. You can do it in the comfort of your own home and reap the benefits on a daily basis.

Yoga is an Indian practice involving many components, including physical postures, meditation and breathing exercises. One of the advantages of yoga is the freedom to do it anywhere because of its lack of equipment. According to, the way to find stillness and greater depth is by holding poses longer and taking deep, consistent breaths. This specific exercise is called Yin Yoga. When holding poses longer, you are able to release deep layers of tissue because your muscles are kept soft. This creates ease on a physical level. On a mental level, holding your position for more than the average 2 minutes creates discomfort. But pushing your body to stay longer subconsciously trains your mind to become less alarmed and accept the challenge of a longer period of time. It’s a very convenient mode of exercise and relaxation. You don’t have to have a gym membership to reap the rewards. “All you need for a good yoga session is a mat and some quiet space,” says Gloria Fernandez, the yoga instructor at LA Fitness Pines. “You can use your household or your own backyard – yoga can be practiced anywhere.”

Forward bends are challenging, yet relaxing. To make this pose work; sit and extend your legs, and then reach for your toes and curve your body inward. The reach for your toes is a total body challenge. This pose will cause the some slight discomfort at first, and then you will sink deeper into the stretch.

The high lunge is simple. Stand with arms reaching the sky and lunge your right leg forward, extending the left leg back and vice versa. Practice breathing exercises for full satisfaction. A variation from the high lunge would be the Asva (as most yoga schools like to call it). It is the same as the high lunge except your hands come down and touch the floor. You then place all of your weight on the leg lunging forward and you create balance with the leg you extended back.

“Yoga is an art, and the common yoga professionals started in the comfort of their own home and realized how much serenity it really brought.” says Fernandez. “This caused them to take classes and then end up mastering this art.”

Patrick Fennelis, a doctor who practices at Broward Physical Therapy Center emphasized that every single person can benefit from meditation. It clears the mind of current worries and forces you to focus on the task at hand.

“I believe that controlled breathing, meditation and mental thoughts and images are all part of the reason yoga releases tension,” says Fennelis. “What body doesn’t relax in the midst of a tranquil environment?”

Practice yoga every day, whether it’s 10 minutes or more, and it will make your day less stressful.


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